Mad Dog Dura Seal Masonry Primer

Mad Dog SKU: MDPDS-100
Mad Dog Dura Seal 24 Concrete and Masonry Primer - Primer

Mad Dog Dura Seal Masonry Primer

Mad Dog SKU: MDPDS-100
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What is the recoat time for Mad Dog Primers?

Under ideal conditions, 1 to 2 hours for recoating with primer or applying a topcoat. A good rule of thumb to follow: when the primer feels tacky to the touch, without leaving any residue on your fingers, it’s ready for recoating.

It is recommended that you topcoat this primer within 5-7 days so the paint properly bonds with the primer.

Why does the primer stay sticky?

Mad Dog primers are made with patented resins that have high adhesion and bonding properties. They remain tacky to the touch when dry. That tackiness is what helps the topcoat of paint or stain to adhere and crosslink with the primer.

Can I use a flat sheen paint on top of a Mad Dog Primer?

Yes, in most cases. High quality flat 100% acrylic paints from paint manufacturers like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG, California Paints, and others, perform exceptionally well on top of Mad Dog Primers.

If you are working with paint and primer that you haven’t used together before, it is recommendeed to do a test to ensure compatibility before progressing with you project.

If in doubt, try a 2 ft sq test patch. Apply the Mad Dog Primer, let it dry. And then apply your desired flat 100% acrylic topcoat. Let it cure overnight before proceeding.

Can I use an oil based paint or stain on top of a Mad Dog Primer?

No, oil or alkyd based topcoats dry harder and more brittle than Mad Dog's flexible primers. An oil based product will most likely crack on top of a Mad Dog Primer and cause problems. It is only recommended to use high quality 100% acrylic latex paints and stains in conjuction with Mad Dog Primers.

Can Mad Dog primers be tinted?

Yes, with up to 4 ounces of tint per gallon.

What is the best way to apply a Mad Dog Primer?

Brushing, rolling, or spraying through an airless sprayer, are the best methods for applying a Mad Dog Primer.

If you're spraying it is highly recommended to backroll to make sure the primer covers and adheres to all the nooks and crannies in the substrate you are priming.

If you're applying with an airless sprayer, a 517 or 519 or 617, if you want a wider spray pattern.

Dura Seal is the best exterior masonry primer.

Dura Seal allows you to prime a recently applied masonry or concrete surface after 24 hours. That’s 6 to 28 days sooner than competitive products. 

Dura Seal adheres to all masonry and concrete after the surface has cured for 24 hours. It will adhere to high pH, and high moisture surfaces (up to 20% moisture content), allowing you to prime and topcoat sooner than any other primer on the market.

Product Features:

  • Adheres to high pH masonry and requires only a 24 hour concrete cure time

  • Save time and money by priming sooner than other masonry primers

  • Penetrates, seals and encapsulates masonry surfaces

  • Prevents peeling caused by efflorescence and salt damage

  • Mold and mildew resistant

  • Permanently flexes and breathes, as the substrate expands and contracts with heat, humidity and cold weather

  • Bonds like glue

  • Covers high moisture areas below 20% moisture content

Product Specifications:

  • 40% Solids

  • 300-400 square feet per gallon coverage

  • 200% Flexibility

  • 200 psi adhesion

  • Soap and water clean-up

  • Eco-friendly formula

  • Dries in 1 hour; re-coat in 1 to 2

  • Dries clear and tacky to the touch

  • Brush, roll or spray (.017 tip)

  • Low VOC - less than 48g/L

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