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Great product, super fast shipping!

I love Modern Masters paint! It has great coverage and a smooth flow. Glacier Blue is my “go to” color for my mermaid tails.
The shipping was very fast and the pricing was the most reasonable of all the sites I checked


Amazing gives a factory finish

Buy it! It’s what you need!

BM Advance is an amazing paint! I spray it with an airless sprayer to coat the cabinets I make. The satin finish provides a warm, soft feel that a paragon feature of high end cabinetry. It levels nicely and dries within a couple hours so you can re-coat quickly. Don’t look any further. This is what you want and need. Also, buy it right here from Pontiac Paint Supply!

TWP Deck Stain 100 Series
Timothy Reynolds
Great product.

Fast Shipping! Great Product.

TriTech Fine Finish Spray Tips
Best service and great costumer service

Couples time I ordered from Pontiac and they have most of everything i need for my painting business, also they have a great costumer service!!!

Nathan is a stand-up guy to deal with

Extremely fast shipping makes no sense to go to any local store when I can just have it shipped to my home and save so much time to complete projects. Thanks again Nathan top-notch business here never question. Anything he stays on top of it

Cen. 400 Clear

First time using this product was happy how it sprayed and the finished look. I am going to try the color on a new kitchen if I have the same results I am going to switch over from Sherwin Williams. Also like the fact that I can order online and get it the next day saves me not only a half day driving but fuel. Phil's Custom Woodworking

Best customer service

Looking to purchase Mad Dog primer, I did an online chat with Nathan who answered all my questions. He also contacted a Mad Dog tech to verify that this was appropriate for my intended application, and I heard back from him the very next day. This was, hands down, the most top notch customer service I’ve ever experienced. Highly recommended!

Quick service

Thank you for your quick service and delivery.
I will be ordering from you again In the future.

Advanced alkyd modified

Advanced waterborne alkyd is a great trim paint that performs like a traditional oil based paint! Brushes, rolls & sprays beautifully & cleans up with water. I also want to give a shout out to Pontiac paint supply for their great all around service!

Best paint

Lays down perfectly even though my tip was tailing so bad. Cures very fast and durable.

Always good and cheaper then my local store

Easy to work with. Great seller and fast shipment

Perfect product

Excellent paint . . .

RE: Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint—Ceiling White 508-09

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with the paint. I especially appreciate the careful packaging and the professional results.

Gratefully yours . . . Karen

Centurion vinyl lacquer undercoat

I am a huge fan of Pontiac Paint Supply, they are very professional and prompt! I highly recommend them and the Centurion products that they carry. The vinyl lacquer undercoat is perfect for cabinetry or furniture because of it's fast drying time and easy sanding!

Great Stain

Sticks well, does not run, can easily be put on vertical surfaces. Provides deep color, dries pretty fast and can be recoated for a deeper color. And Pontiac Paint Supply was a great place to buy it from.

super customer service

I'm a long time Mad Dog primer user and found that Pontiac Paint had the best price so decided to place an order. Almost immediately received an order acknowledgement and then very shortly a shipping confirmation. Was shocked when the order was at my door in 3 days. Because of employee issues and shortages, it is so hard to deal with many businesses right now but this was an excellent buying experience. Thanks for your excellent customer service.

Great hose

This hose is flexible enough you really don't even need a whip. Pontiac had great service and shipping as well.

Tritech T3

Ordered a T3 w/hopper and fine finish tips. Couldn't be happier with it.

Great for Cabinet Door Refinishing

I'm painting cabinet doors. Painting over dark blue color and had some unknown spot fisheye on me. When catalyzed, this product covered well; covered the blue and whatever caused the fisheye. I was using Fuji HVLP 1.8MM tip. Product levels well. Great product for a DIYer.

Nice product

Nice product and best price

Mad Dog Crack Fix

I’ve used this before with our plaster wall house and think it really improves the look and durability when used before regular paint. I couldn’t find Mad Dog locally and was very pleased with how quickly it shipped.

Rembrandt paint brush

I absolutely love these paint brushes this is all I usually work with and I'm a professional painter of 15 years.


It was incredible fast. Received my order in no time!!! Thanks!!!